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I'm Tash, currently in my 3rd year at Stockport College studying a BA Hons in Illustration.
After all of that nonsense I'd love to become kind of concept artist, book illustrator (or, ideally, live off making journal comics about stupid things my girlfriend and I say).

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April 18th
7:18 PM

Here are two pieces from Dialogue Ignites Change, both centered around homosexuality (hence all the LGBT reblogging previously)

The first is from The Art of Protest, where we basically had to create a piece of art that was… well, protesting about something. Something I obviously abhor is homophobia, so I thought that would be a go-to topic. It didn’t really end up being a protest per se… more just… an enlightenment I guess? I was never aware of the fact that it didn’t occur to people consciously that the statistic is obviously true for same-sex couples. It’s something that affects me a lot and I’ve known it for a while, so it was nice to do something that might bring it to people’s attention.

The second piece was for the college’s Gay Straight Alliance, where we were given a brief that would challenge people’s preconceptions of homosexuality. The illustration was designed to appear as a two-sided postcard or similar—one side showing a stereotype, the other showing the more realistic representation.
I was pretty out of my comfort zone with this, partly due to the assigned colour palette… and I probably shouldn’t say this on here but I really don’t like the outcome. At all. It’s some consolation that one of the dudes who run the GSA really liked the one on the left and asked my permission to make a print of it. Which was a little bemusing, but hey.

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